Recovered Property

Here are the photographs of the recently recovered property.  If you recognize anything, please make sure you have reported the theft to the police agency where the items were taken from.  If you’ve made the report, you can contact Bountiful City PD at for information on how to recover your items.

Remember, most of this property was taken from open garages, with unlocked cars.  The stolen cars were unlocked and had the keys left in them.  Lock your belongings, and close your garages when possible.

IMG_8896 IMG_8894 IMG_8892 IMG_8891 photo IMG_8915 IMG_8912 IMG_8911 IMG_8910 IMG_8908 IMG_8906 IMG_8904 IMG_8901 IMG_8897


Our Mission

The mission of the Bountiful Police Department is to provide the highest quality police services to the Community of Bountiful. To ensure public safety, order and equal protection under the law. To treat each person with dignity and respect by pledging ourselves to professionalism and integrity.

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