Press Release- Unlawful Sexual Activity with a Minor, Enticing a Minor

PIO Contact: Lt. Dave Edwards

Press Release – Arrest of Christopher Padilla – Unlawful Sexual Activity with a Minor, Enticing a Minor.

Date: 2-26-15

At approximately 8:30 P.M. on 2-25-15, Bountiful Police Department Detectives arrested 25 year old Sandy resident Christopher Phillip Padilla for Unlawful Sexual Activity with a Minor, and Enticing a Minor. Detectives began the investigation when the 14 yr. old female victim’s mother contacted police. Detectives learned the victim met Padilla online. After chatting or texting, the victim met Padilla in Bountiful earlier in February, where unlawful sexual conduct took place.

When Detectives received the victim’s cell phone, Padilla was actively trying to contact the 14 year old by text message. On 2-24-15, Detectives began texting with Padilla while posing as the 14 year old victim. Over the next 36 hours Detectives conversed with Padilla, whose identity was not known. Padilla’s texts were graphic and sexually explicit. Padilla arranged to meet the victim (Detectives) at Boulton Elementary School in Bountiful, where he was identified and arrested. After his arrest, Padilla admitted to Detectives he met the victim in person on or about 2-12-15 and engaged in sexual activity with her.

During the interviews Padilla indicated he engaged in online and in person contact with at least one other girl under 18 years old. Detectives believe there may be additional victims who have not yet been identified.

Bountiful Detectives remind parents to monitor the online presence of their children, to protect them from sexual predators.

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