Crime Free Housing

The Bountiful Crime Free Housing Program (CFHP) is a public safety partnership that assists residents, owners and managers of rental properties in keeping drugs and other illegal activity off their property.

The CFHP is a crime-fighting program. CFHP demonstrates a good faith effort to learn about illegal activity, address community security concerns and educate residents about crime prevention.

CFHP is an international program that began in 1992 and is in approximately 1,700 American and Canadian cities in 43 U.S. states and 4 Canadian provinces.

How the Program Works:

The purpose of the Bountiful Crime Free Housing Program is to assist landlords in developing effective partnerships in a neighborhood environment, and fostering a safe, healthy place to live. The program uses a three-level approach to eliminate crime at rental properties, to reduce calls for police service and to foster a clean, healthier, more stable living environment.

The Following communities are activity involved in the Bountiful City Crime Free Housing Program:




Carrington Place Apartments

830 N 500 West

not applicable 

Cherry Lane Apartments

2727 S 625 West

Davis County Housing Authority

418 W Center Street

Davis County Housing Authority

424 W Center Street

Davis County Housing Authority

2160 S Orchard Drive

Huntington Apartments

2001 S Main Street

Village on Main

1525 N Main Street

Windgate Apartments

2030 S Main Street

Bountiful’s Crime Free Housing is managed by the POP unit.  For their contact information, click here.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bountiful Police Department is to provide the highest quality police services to the Community of Bountiful. To ensure public safety, order and equal protection under the law. To treat each person with dignity and respect by pledging ourselves to professionalism and integrity.