Crime Prevention

Immediately report crime when it happens

Despite our officer’s best efforts, we cannot have a presence throughout the entire city at all times, and we do require some help from our citizens in preventing crime.  Some of these things are simple, and free!

Protect Your Possessions

  • Lock your car, home, and storage areas –  A lot of the theft reports our officers take involve unlocked doors, or valuables unsecured in plain sight.  This is the easiest and most effective step you can take to avoid becoming a victim.  Lock all your doors, and keep valuable items hidden inside cars.  A high value item in plain sight can make a thief decide to take the risk or breaking into your car when they know what the reward will be.
  • Keep your home well lit – Porch lights and motion lights help deter crime.  Dark homes offer concealment that make it easier for thieves to perpetrate crime.  Keep your porch lights working, and install motion lights or automatic light sensors to keep your home lit without much effort.
  • Secure all windows with primary and secondary locking devices.
  • Maintain a record of your property, including serial numbers, in a safe place (preferably somewhere other than your residence). Having a way of proving an item is stolen, is crucial to our officers recovering your property and arresting the person who is in possession of it.
  • Engrave or mark your property with a recognizable mark in a discreet place if it does not have a serial number.
Protect Yourself
  • Be aware of your surroundings and stay alert.
  • Plan the route you are going to take.
  • Carry your wallet in a pocket that is not easily accessible.
  • Have your keys ready as you approach your car or home.
  • Park in areas that are well-lit.
  • Don’t jog alone in remote areas.
  • Be vigilant, report suspicious activity when it happens –  Many times, a citizen’s report of suspicious activity has led to arrests for various crimes in Bountiful.  The biggest tip we can give is to report suspicious activity when it is happening.  Sometimes we get reports of suspicious activity, with a time lapse greater than 30 minutes  When the time lapse is accompanied by a lack of a suspect or vehicle description, it becomes nearly impossible for officer’s to follow up on the activity.  If you are hesitant to call 911 about suspicious activity because you don’t think it’s serious enough, then call the non-emergency number 801-298-6000.
  • Be aware of common scams – There are a few common scams that keep circulating around.  Some involve a person sending money to a victim for a variety of reasons, asking that the victim keep a portion of the money, and send the rest back to the suspect.  Another involves a phone call or someone coming to your door asking for money.  These people will claim to be a relative, or a new neighbor and will give a false story asking for money.  Also, never give out personal information online, or to someone claiming to be from a financial institution.  Most of the time, a quick internet search on a suspicious situation will result in information confirming a scam.
For more information regarding identity protection and child identity protection click here.
For a printable version of how to prevent burglaries, click here.

Immediately report crime when it happens – Reporting crime when it happens is an important part of helping us do our job.  Simply put, if we’re not aware something was stolen or damaged, then we don’t know where to direct extra patrol, or what to be looking for when we encounter criminals that we believe have stolen property.


Our Mission

The mission of the Bountiful Police Department is to provide the highest quality police services to the Community of Bountiful. To ensure public safety, order and equal protection under the law. To treat each person with dignity and respect by pledging ourselves to professionalism and integrity.