Deaf and Hearing Impaired

NOTE: Callers using TTY equipment must dial 9-1-1 to reach police, fire and emergency medical assistance.

To assist hearing impaired callers, every 9-1-1 phone console in the Bountiful Police 9-1-1 Center is equipped with a Text Telephone (TTY) machine, and each calltaker is trained in the procedures to answer these calls. Frequent test calls are done to assure that calltakers maintain their TTY skills.

Also, to assist hearing impaired callers, several individuals will use a video relay system. These individuals will hit an emergency button on their video phone which is sent to an interpreter. At that time the interpreter will contact the 9-1-1 center to dispatch emergency personnel.

If you would like more information please visit a Video Relay System Provider in your area.


Our Mission

The mission of the Bountiful Police Department is to provide the highest quality police services to the Community of Bountiful. To ensure public safety, order and equal protection under the law. To treat each person with dignity and respect by pledging ourselves to professionalism and integrity.